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Q:  What is Bone Yard Boats?

A:  Bone Yard Boats is an old school print newsletter, a website, and a community of subscribers passionate about old boats.  The site and newsletter feature great old boats for sale, mostly wood, from all over the U.S. and Canada, along with stories of boat restorations and historical tales of nautical interest.  Not all the boats are free, but some really great ones


Q:  What do I get for my subscription fee?

A:  Four issues of the print newsletter (US & Canada) per year; online access to the newsletter in PDF format; online access to individual boat profiles with more photos; subscribers list boats for free (individuals); periodic emails alerting subscribers to particular boats in need.

Q: When do the newsletters come out?

A: The target mailing dates for the print newsletters are:

Winter = January 31st
Spring = April 30th
Summer = July 31st
Fall = October 31st

I'm pretty good about hitting those dates. The print newsletter goes out Standard Mail, not First Class, so it can take a week to 10 days to land in everyone's mailbox.  I typically get the PDFs of the newsletter issue onto the website several days before the mailing date, and I add the individual boat profiles both before and after mailing date.

Q:  How do I know when my subscription expires?

A:  1) The last issue of your current subcription can be found on the newsletter address label above your name, typically in a color other than black.  2) I also insert a renewal reminder slip in the next-to-last and last issue of your subscription.  3) If your subscription expires, I will send you a renewal reminder postcard in the mail.  4) BYBoat Alert Emails typically have a section near the bottom with your subscription status info.


Q: How do I find BYB newsletter issues and individual boat profiles on the website?

A: First, login with your username and password. Click the WHEELHOUSE navigation link at the top of most BYB website pages. You will see a listing of newsletter issues. Clicking a bold <Issue #> will will bring you to the table of contents for that specific issue. Clicking a bold <Page #> link (or page image) will open that newsletter page in PDF format in a separate browser browser window.

If you mouse over the list of boats, those with live links should change from black to underlined blue. This indicates that an individual boat profile webpage for that boat exists where you can find the photos and any additional information that would not fit in the newsletter. I am creating and adding boat profile pages all the time so check back often.

Remember, even if the link for a particular boat is not yet live, you can still access the information for that boat -- but not any additional photos -- on the PDF newsletter page where the boat was featured.

Q: How do I see a table of contents for a particular issue of the newletter even if I am not logged into the website.

A: Click the PAST ISSUES navigation link at the top of most BYB website pages. You will see a listing of newsletter issues. Clicking a bold <Issue #> will bring you to the table of contents
for that specific issue.






Q:  How do I set up an online account?

A:  You'll need to get to the New User Account Setup website page. Click <LOGIN> located at the upper left of most BYB website pages just to the right of the pirate skeleton holding the ship's wheel. Then, on the LOGIN page, you'll see <CREATE NEW USER ACCOUNT> near the middle of the page. Click it. You'll find instructions on the website page, and you will be sent an account activation email once you set up the online account. I will activate it as soon as possible and send you an email when it is ready to use.

Q:  Is setting up an online account on the BYB website the same thing as being a subscriber?

A: Nope. You are a subscriber if you have purchased a newsletter subscription. 

Q: I just set up an online account and it won't let me login to the BYB site.

A:  New accounts have to be linked to a specific subscriber and then activated.  It's a bit of a manual process, but I will get you up and running as soon as I can and will send you an email when your account is ready to use. 

Q: If I allow my subscription to expire and then I renew it, do I have to set up a new online account?

A: No. I will re-activate your old account once I process your renewal and send you an email when it is ready to use. If you do set up a new account, I will activate the new one, delete
the old one, and send you an email when the new one is good to go.

Q:  I just renewed my subscription, but my old online account does not work.  Why?

A:  When a subscription expires, the linked online account is de-activated.  I will have to re-activate the account before you can use it again.  Hang in there.  I will email you when the account is ready to use again.

Q: I just renewed my subscription.  My online account would not work, so I reset the password with the "Forgot Password" tool.  Now, the temp password BYB sent me does not work.  Why?

A: Same answer as above. Renewing your subscription does not automatically re-activate your username. I will have to do that manually.  Once I process your renewal order, I will re-activate your account and send you an email when you are good to go.



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