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Summer 2012

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Spring 2012

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Click image above to open 2-page PDF Boat Listing Form.

This form could use some updating,
but it can certainly still be used to list a boat.

Fall 2011 Issue: Featured Boat

 Featured in the pages of Bone Yard Boats




Short answer:  Yes, definitely.


You can list a boat via email or regular mail.  Your boat will appear in the next available issue of the newsletter -- both in print form and in the PDF version accessible on the website.  In addition, I create a "boat profile page" on the BYB website for many of the boats featured in the newsletter. Here's what I need from you:

1) Email me photos of the boat. I would include one photo in the newsletter due to space restrictions. However, I have no such space restrictions on the website, so send lots if you can. I will likely use all that you can send on the boat profile web page. Also, don’t be afraid to send big, beefy digital photos.

2) Email me as much info about the boat as you can: year, make, model, length, boat location, engine(s), sail(s), hull material, accessories, in or out of water, last in water, boat's general condition, etc. In addition to the boat details, any historical information you can share -- even if it's just how you came to own her -- will make for a more compelling boat listing. These are not just old boats; they have a story to tell, and we'd like to help tell it.

3) Contact details: email address &/or phone number (both is better) so interested parties can contact you directly.

4) Asking price. BYB typically does not list boats with an asking price above $10,000, but I do make rare exceptions for exceptional boats.

That's basically it -- pretty informal. Sending all the info and photos by email is the preferred method.  Please send to:


[Please note that the email address above is an image.  You cannot click on it.  You'll have to type it in.]

Regular Mail:  If email is not your thing, that's not a problem.  You can send the info and photos by regular mail to:

Bone Yard Boats
P.O. Box 1432
Marblehead, MA 01945

Here's a link to a <PDF BOAT LISTING FORM> that you can print off, complete, and mail back.

Note:  Your boat will be listed in the next issue.  A boat listing will only appear in one issue of the newsletter unless you specifically request that I re-list the boat in subsequent issues. I am happy to re-list boats, space-permitting, so please just ask.

Also, please let me know if and when your boat sells, so I can communicate that as effectively as possible to the Bone Yard boats community.


1) If you are offering your boat "Free to a Good Home", then there is no charge for listing the boat.

2) If you are a current Bone Yard Boats subscriber, then there is no charge for listing the boat beyond the subscription fee you’ve already paid. Subscribers can list boats for free as a benefit of being a member of the BYB crew.

3) If you are not a Bone Yard Boats subscriber, the cost of listing a boat for sale is $19.95, which is the same as the cost of subscribing to the newsletter for a year. So, for that one small fee, you can list your boat and enjoy the newsletter and website access for one year. Basically, I'm asking you to purchase a 1-year subscription if you'd like to list a boat. It’s an honor system thing -- I will not be checking up on you.

If you want to list a boat for sale, but really, really do not want to receive the newsletter, you may want to consider giving a gift subscription to someone else.  The 1-year subscription option is at the top of the <SUBSCRIBE> page and gift subscription is at the bottom.

Winter 2010 Issue: Featured Boat

 Featured in the pages of Bone Yard Boats


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