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Subscribe to Bone Yard Boats online with a credit card or PayPal account -- or the "old school" method of sending a check in the mail.
So, what do I get if I subscribe?  Print newsletters, online access, email boat alerts, etc.  Details are located in the right column of this page.

Online Payment Options -- 1-Year, 2-Year, or 3-Year Subscriptions

Click one of the "Buy Now" buttons below, and you will be transferred to a secure PayPal page where you can complete a PayPal or a credit card transaction. 

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One-Year Subscription or Renewal-- $19.95 for 4 issues:


Two-Year Subscription or Renewal -- $34.95 for 8 issues:


Three-Year Subscription or Renewal -- $49.95 for 12 issues:


You can do the math, but the longer subscription periods save you some bucks.  Don't worry -- even after clicking the "Buy Now" button, you'll still be given the option to cancel the transaction and return to the Bone Yard Boats website if, for some reason, you need to do that.


Subscription + Shirt Combinations:  Save on a BYB Logo shirt when you purchase a shirt and subscription combo package.  Details on the "BYB Stuff" page:  <BYB STUFF>


Online Accounts:  Please note that setting up a Bone Yard Boats online user account is a separate step after paying the subscription fee.  To set up an online account after subscribing, click the <LOGIN> link at the upper left of most BYB website pages and look in the center of the page for <New User Account Setup>. There is also a link at the lower right of most BYB website pages called "Account Tools" that will get you started.


"Old School" Pay-by-Check Option -- 1-Year or 2-Year Subscriptions

Click the Subscription Form link below and the PDF form will open in
a new window.  Print, complete, and mail in the Subscription Form, along with your payment for a 1-Year or a 2-Year subscription.

                Click Here: <SUBSCRIPTION FORM>


BYB Gift Subscriptions -- 1-Year ($19.95)

Subscriber Benefit = 2 Extra Issues for You:  If you are a current Bone Yard Boats subscriber yourself, we'll add two issues to your own subscription as a thank-you for introducing us to another old boat fan that we haven't met yet.  The bigger the community, the more boats we can save from the chainsaw.  Thanks for spreading the word!

Online Gift Sub:  In the "BYB Gift Subscription From" box below, please provide your name & address so we can find you in our subscriber records.  You have 60 characters of available space to tell us who you are.  Not a subscriber?  Don't worry.  You can still send a gift subscription to your favorite boater.

We'll also send along a Bone Yard Boats gift card so the lucky recipient knows who to thank!  If you'd like us to send a personalized message from you, just type it into the "message" box below (60 characters).

 * Please make sure the "Ship To" shows the Gift Recipient's info! *

1-Year Gift Subscription -- $19.95 for 4 issues

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"Old School" Gift Sub:  You can also send a classic boat lover a gift subscription by sending us a check in the mail.  Click the Gift Form link below -- print, complete, and mail it in with payment.  If you are a current subscriber yourself, we'll tack two additional issues onto the end of your current subscription.

                Click: <GIFT SUBSCRIPTION FORM>

BYB Issues Fan

Bone Yard Boats Subscription Info

1) Subscription Rates:  $19.95 for One Year (4 issues) or $37.90 for Two Years (8 issues)
2) One Issue per Season: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.  Print newsletters are black & white and the online PDF versions are full color.
3) Subscribers can list boats for free. (Intended for individuals, not boat brokers.)

4) The Bone Yard Boats print newsletter is mailed via the U.S. Postal Service to addresses in the U.S. and Canada.  Online-only access is available to subscribers outside the U.S. and Canada (same price) .

5) Click <ACCOUNT TOOLS> here or at the bottom right of most BYB web site pages (but not this one) to set up account.  Online accounts available to access current issues in color, along with bonus content (e.g., tons of additional boat photos).

6) BYBoat Alert Emails.  Periodic emails alerting subscribers to particular boats in need.  Each email includes the ability to "opt out" of receiving these emails going forward.  By subscribing and/or setting up a BYB online account and thereby providing an email address, you are agreeing to receive Email Alerts.  If after receiving Alerts you decide you do not want get them going forward, please just "opt out" using the mechanism provided in the email, and your address will be automatically removed from the list. If you are sure you never want to receive even one Email Alert, please let me know by sending an email to the address below after you subscribe.  HINT:  "Opting Out" after receiving the first email is the preferred method!

Please note that the email address above is an image.  You cannot click on it.  You'll have to type it in.  Sorry

7) Street Address Changes.  Please email me changes of address as soon as you can to the email address above.  The print newsletters are not forwarded by the Post Office.  Instead, I receive a form with your new address and then send out a replacement copy.  Receiving the form from the PO can take several weeks.

8) Email Address Changes.  Send me an email to the address above and I will update both your subscriber records.

subscription form

If you want to subscribe by sending a check in the mail, click the
form image above to open & print the PDF Subscription Form.